Is Once Again At The Leisure Lakes

17th, 18th & 19th Aug 2018

2018/08/17 18:00:00

Band Line-up 2018




The Gravel
Mere Brow

Contact No: 07980 210101


Tickets also available from Highroad, The Car Shop, Churchtown or Bernies, in Southport Indoor Market.

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Weekend Ticket with Camping£50.00
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Weekend Ticket with Camping (10+1)£500.00
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Saturday Day Pass£25.00
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Fri – Sun Day Pass£20.00
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No due to the close proximity of the tents, we have had to ban them. In high winds sparks fly and wouldn’t take much to set a tent alight.

Yes around the festival field, but NOT in the main marquee. They must be kept under control and on a leash at all times and cleared up after. There are area’s just off the festival field where a dog can run.  They are not allowed in the main marquee

No due to low water pressure, we do not have shower facilities. This is something we are looking at and will try in the future to arrange something. There are toilet facilities that are cleaned and maintained regularly for your convenience. Please leave these as you find them and do not place bulky or plastic items in the toilet bowl. Bulky poo’s allowed !!!!

Yes 12 and under are free but must be kept under control and supervised by an adult at all times.

You will be issued with refuse sacks at the gate on entry. Please leave these tied in the roadway outside your tent , they will be collected several times a day.

Yes but you will not be allowed to take it into the main marquee. The bar is cheap so play fair

No you must have a wristband on or you will be asked to leave, in previous years we have been lapse at the end of the evening. This is changing as its unfair to those with a wristband on.

You will be guided to an area suitable on the field, space is at a premium so please camp as close to your neighbours as possible, and leave the roadways clear at all times for health and safety reasons and fire truck access. If you are causing an obstruction you will be politely asked to move.

You may turn up at any time from Thursday, 10am on-wards. the field must be vacated by Monday lunchtime.